Vertebral Imaging


What is VFA?

A bone mineral density (BMD) test is an easy reliable test that measures the density, or thickness, of your bones. Your BMD can help determine if you are likely to have a bone break (fracture) in the future. At the same BMD visit, a special imaging test can be done to help identify broken bones of the spine (vertebral fractures). The test is known as Vertebral Fracture Assessment or VFA. VFA is a quick and easy way to help identify if you have any fractures or broken bones in your spine.

Why would I need to have VFA?

A vertebral fracture or broken spine bone increases your risk of a future fracture. People with spine fractures are likely to need a treatment for osteoporosis. It is important to identify if you currently have or had a spine fracture because it helps your healthcare provider select the proper treatment for you.

How much radiation is used to do a VFA?

VFA will result in less radiation exposure than a standard x-ray.